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Una Rosa con Amor

Dalia Decorativa
Dalia Decorativa

Magic Rose Cube Cubed by Valerie Vann
Magic Rose Cube Cubed by Valerie...

Una Rosa con Amor

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Una Rosa con Amor

30 авг 2010, 21:40
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This is the first figure I made in the year 2010, here I present.
The corolla is made from only one aquare, the calyx, the trifoliolated leaves, and the thorns are from diferent squares for each, the stemm is a rolled strip.
In this ocasion I made the flower using gift wrap foil, I covered the shining side with tissue paper, using white glue, and then I painted with acrilic. The white side I painted with acrilic too.
Another method with very good results is the wet-folding.


http://www.flickr.com/photos/79818875@N ... otostream/
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